Prevention Meets Cure with Park Place’s IT Hardware Maintenance

It should make a lot of sense to members of the health care industry when Park Place talks about the importance of predictive IT maintenance and response.

Prevention is worth a pound of cure. This saying lies at the heart of many shifts in health care today, from the patient-centered medical home (PCMH) to the introduction of value-based payment structures that incentivize better outcomes. It should, therefore, make a lot of sense to members of the health care industry when Park Place talks about the importance of predictive IT maintenance and response.

ParkView Prevents Downtime, It’s That Simple

Getting out in front of problems—it’s the transformation we drove in the IT support market with the introduction of our award-winning ParkView solution. Our goal was to take the usual 24/7 monitoring most support providers offer and use the plentiful data collected to do more:

  • Identify an event at the earliest stages, based on an ever-increasing volume of data about the environment and the factors that precede failures
  • Immediately triage the probable cause of the issue and point to the right fix
  • Automatically file a trouble ticket, so no human oversight gets in the way of rapid resolution
  • Cue Park Place’s personalized service, so an advanced engineer arrives on site, spare part in hand when necessary, to resolve the issue ASAP.

As in health care, early diagnosis is powerful. When Park Place intervenes to correct events “before they happen,” we help avert critical failures, avoid cascading issues that create bottlenecks or take out multiple systems, and prevent prolonged downtime. In many cases, we’re readying for break/fix service before the client is aware there is a problem.

Saving Resources by Reducing “House Calls”

There is nostalgia for the days of doctors making house calls. Ask any company operating multiple IT-enabled facilities about constant engineering visits, however, and you’ll hear expressions of frustration. It’s extremely costly to send six-figure salaried engineers around the coverage area, which may span multiple states or regions, just to check in on systems. And in a time when the IT talent gap is reaching Grand Canyon proportions, enterprises are struggling to find enough humans to perform the function.

This is another key benefit of ParkView: the system makes the “house calls” for you. With always-on monitoring service, there’s no need for a support engineer to periodically visit this office or that clinic to verify the equipment in a server closet is operating properly. ParkView provides continual information about the status of every piece of hardware.

What’s more, should a problem arise, ParkView facilitates the response. Park Place receives a trouble ticket with product details, location, and probable cause analysis, so no client field staff needs to deploy to the facility to get the process started. This helps us deliver issue resolution faster while saving your staff valuable time.

All Support is Mission Critical

The definition of mission critical IT systems can be found in the health care sector. Even consistent access to electronic health records is a must. Only the best support and maintenance service can ensure all systems are highly available and reliable. Our ability to maximize uptime positions Park Place Technologies as the best fit for health care enterprises, so if you’re looking for a better, smarter, faster, more responsive maintenance solution at a lower cost, contact us today.

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