Realizing Competitive Advantage in Indian Market with Alternative IT Hardware Support

With an expanding, young population and economic growth outpacing many Western markets, India has attracted interest from a diverse array of multinational enterprises. These companies are struggling to compete, and local incumbents are upping their games to maintain their market position against incoming challengers.

Technology operations are critical, as they are anywhere in the world. Businesses that can drive digital transformation and deliver better product and service experiences to customers will win out. But managing data centers and other enterprise infrastructure can be challenging in such a rapidly evolving market as India.

Some IT maintenance vendors are simply too new, too limited in coverage area, or too inexperienced to deliver world-class support, which should always include top-quality spare parts, engineering expertise, and premium service. Yet many big names in IT maintenance don’t understand the Indian market well enough to translate their capabilities to the subcontinent without a falloff in customer satisfaction or results.

There’s one key exception—Park Place Technologies, the only global third party maintenance option and India’s most capable IT support provider.

A Global Powerhouse Firmly Rooted in South Asia

Park Place Technologies serves customers in the majority of Indian states and our capabilities span the subcontinent and Asia-Pacific. Whether you have a single data center in Mumbai, several facilities from Chennai to New Delhi to Kolkata, or are a multinational with operations in the Philippines, Indonesia, or far flung locales, we can apply a single support solution to just about everything.

Our client base includes premier companies in the logistics, health care, telecom, materials, automotive, BFSI (banking, financial services, and insurance), entertainment, advanced technology, and numerous other sectors. We understand your customers’ expectations for “always on” technology and have the integrated support capabilities to help you deliver on that promise.

Top 3 Benefits of Partnering with Park Place

There are numerous ways we enhance clients’ infrastructure management capabilities and uptime statistics. Our customers in India most frequently cite the following advantages as making a difference for their operations:

  • Guaranteed savings of at least 50% off any OEM contract.
    Companies are spending far too much “keeping the lights on” day to day, and this can crowd strategic initiatives right out of the budget. Park Place offers clients a turnkey opportunity to realize significant savings. Transition hardware support to us, and we’ll slash your maintenance contract costs at least in half. Reallocate those funds to other priorities that might otherwise languish, and you can quickly get ahead.
  • World-class expertise and service, delivered in-market.
    We operate more than a dozen parts depots in India, housing thousands of spares ready for deployment at a moment’s notice. Our global “follow the sun” customer service center is available 24/7 for immediate response to any question or problem and deployment of locally based, on-the-ground field technicians. And with decades of experience maintaining server, storage, and networking hardware, we deliver faster time-to-resolution and better first-time fix rates than any OEM or alternative provider in the Indian market or around the world.
  • Continual innovation in discovery, maintenance, optimization, and support.
    Park Place is a pioneer in new infrastructure management solutions, whether you want to get more from 24/7 hardware monitoring (ParkView) or fully understand and optimize your network assets (Entuity). Old models and old tools can be the death knell for competitiveness, but you can stay up to date with Park Place.

By turning to Park Place Technologies, you can enhance your IT support and maintenance service today, boost uptime immediately, and have a partner to grow with over the long-term. No more patching together various OEM support contracts and IT maintenance services from local providers of varying caliber. With Park Place Technologies, Indian and multinational operations can save money, simplify support, and achieve world-class results.

There isn’t another provider in the South Asian market offering the same comprehensive, premium-quality IT maintenance for data center hardware, and it could be the differentiator you’ve been seeking.

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