Sustainable HP Maintenance

How can the right choice in HP maintenance contribute to your organization’s sustainability? In light of all the coverage of Moonshot—the much discussed but little seen line of servers from HP—it’s a question worth asking. According to Engadget: 

“Moonshot promises to meet the needs of the information superhighway with less power, less space and less complexity.”

Third party HP maintenance promises to support the servers that comprise that information superhighway at less cost. Companies like Park Place Technologies are making two key contributions in this regard:

  1. Keeping older equipment when it still serves its purpose well.

 There are times when equipment deserves to be upgraded, whether to add performance and features, to better integrate with other systems, or to save space or power in the data center. Then there are all those other times when older equipment doesn’t need to be sent to the recycling bin—because it’s functional, reliable, and paid for.

Third party HP maintenance providers offer affordable contracts on HP 9000 and Integrity servers from Class-A to Class-V (and all the letters in between), as well as all ProLiant or Blade servers.

When you call us in to solve a problem, we don’t exert the hardware-sales pressure HP routinely does, implying that the issue would never had arisen if you had something sparkly and new. You like your rx7620, we’re happy to help you keep it operating at peak performance, with no push-back, ever.

  1. Providing affordable, fully customizable contracts.

Budgets for data centers are crimped these days, so saving money is also a vital concern. With a premium quality HP maintenance partner, you get better, less bureaucratic service than HP offers, yet you’ll spend considerably less for it–up to 70% less. And by allowing you to select the level of coverage on a server-by-server basis, we empower you to design your own HP maintenance solution, and you pay only for what you need. Now, your IT budget is sustainable, too!


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