3 Ways Park Place NetApp Maintenance Stands Out

As NetApp maintenance providers, we do our best to stay on top of the company’s direction. A recent Silicon Article angle provided a succinct summary entitled “3 Ways NetApp Aims to Stand Out from Other Storage Providers.” In it, they summarize the take-away from a conversation with Patrick Rogers, NetApp Vice President for Product Marketing and Alliances. NetApp differentiates itself, they say, with a focus on software, close ties with the open-source community, and efficient IT assets.

This list got us thinking about the key factors that differentiate our NetApp support offering from other providers, and we crafted a similar run-down:

  1. Focus on service. We excel in delivering superior NetApp maintenance because that’s all we do. Unlike NetApp, we don’t have to worry about hardware development, manufacturing, software enhancements, etc. We concentrate exclusively on providing personalized, high-quality support services without the high price, bureaucratic inflexibility, frustrating escalation procedures, and other less-than-ideal characteristics of NetApp’s maintenance structure.
  2. No ties to the OEMs. By this, we certainly don’t mean that we lack detailed understanding of NetApp’s ONTAP software, its hardware features and functionality, and so on. We certainly have that knowledge in spades. What we also have is independence. Because we don’t sell hardware, we have no interest in pushing upgrades and no reason to declare your equipment EOSL (end of service life). We’re happy to support your FASServer, F series box, FAS filer—pretty much any NetApp product—for as long as you’d like to keep it.
  3. Efficient NetApp Maintenance. Our suite of services is fully customizable, so you determine how critical each piece of equipment is and select the level of support you feel is best, paying only for what you need. Additionally, our prices rank far below NetApp’s notoriously expensive contracts. Quotes are often as much as 70% lower in cost than NetApp. These factors make us among the most cost-efficient NetApp maintenance providers in the market. And when you work with us, you save time and energy, too, because we getting help as easy as a single phone call.

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Upcoming NetApp EOL Dates

See Our Full EOL List Here

Model EOSL Date
FAS2220 03 / 30 / 2020
FAS2240 03 / 30 / 2020
FAS2240-2 03 / 30 / 2020
FAS2240-4 03 / 30 / 2020
FAS6220 04 / 30 / 2020
FAS6250 04 / 30 / 2020
FAS6290 04 / 30 / 2020
V6220 04 / 30 / 2020
V6250 04 / 30 / 2020
V6290 04 / 30 / 2020