What’s Next When You Outgrow Your Network Availability and Monitoring Tools?

A TechTarget article compared leading network monitoring tools, and here’s some of what they had to say.

Few technology-dependent organizations can survive without network availability and monitoring systems. Assessing and troubleshooting network devices is essential in delivering the “always on” applications and services today’s customers demand.

Many companies find, however, that they can get by, at least for a while, with the most basic tools, sometimes even freeware. Until they can’t.

There comes a point at which growth and acquisition combine with an environment spread across multiple clouds, on-premises data centers, and possibly colocations to make the network almost impossible to manage, let alone optimize, without a more powerful solution in hand. This sends IT leaders looking for more robust solutions.

So if you’re in this situation, how does Entuity Network Analytics stack up against others on the market you might be looking at? A TechTarget article compared leading network monitoring tools, and here’s some of what they had to say.

But first…what is Entuity Network Analytics?

Initially developed by Entuity—a two-decade veteran in network monitoring and analytics technologies—the Entuity Network Analytics suite is now part of Park Place Technologies. Like our ParkView Automated Support Solution, it integrates BMC Software’s powerful machine learning.

In short, Entuity excels at network discovery, periodically scanning everywhere for new devices. This includes the increasingly common virtual infrastructure many tools pass over. The system then builds a topology map, monitors performance, and provides reporting, inventory and asset management, configuration tools and alerts, and an event management system for root cause analysis and response. Fully customizable Entuity dashboards are securely available to team members anywhere—in the NOC, on a laptop, or via mobile device.

TechTarget’s opinion

Incorporated into the TechTarget “Buyer’s Guide,” the Entuity review included in the article, Exploring Availability Monitoring Tools for Larger Networks, serves primarily as a run-down of the various features of this solution alongside CA Spectrum, SolarWinds, and other competitors. No head-to-head comparison or assessments is provided.

That being said, it was clear that TechTarget writer Andrew Froehlich was impressed by Entuity’s feature set, from asset discovery to flow monitoring and analytics. Earning special mention was Entuity’s SurePath component, which “automatically discovers the network path between any two devices and displays a hop-by-hop topology map of the path…giving customers a visual tool for optimizing and troubleshooting network devices they monitor…” Individuals looking for new network analytics software will understand just what that means to day-to-day operations.

Also mentioned was Entuity’s scalability, both in terms of capabilities and cost: “Entuity Network Management is designed to scale up for very large networks, and customers aren’t charged extra license fees if they add servers to scale out a deployment.”

This factor may be the make-or-break for companies transitioning from basic network monitoring to a real network analytics solution. With Entuity, such expanding enterprises gain access to a comprehensive system with enough power under the hood to keep up with their rapidly evolving needs and growing network size and complexity.

Based on this review alone, it’s easy to see why Entuity is now a Park Place Technologies company. Once we saw how they could help our clients discover, monitor, optimize, and maintain their networks, we knew we couldn’t pass up on the synergies with other Park Place offerings.

We’d love to help you make Entuity’s acquaintance, too. Simply contact us for a demo of this unparalleled network analytics solution.


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