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Independence from Hitachi Support

As July 4th approaches, you’ll be encouraged to declare your independence from a host of ills—put over-priced Hitachi support at the top of your list! The advantages of abandoning the OEM a third-party maintenance (TPM)


The End of Service Life (EOSL) for the EMC Clariion-series SAN disk arrays, including the EMC CX300, came and went with the 2012 New Year. Many organizations were sad to see this low-cost, space-saving solution

How to Reduce your NetApp 2040 Support Costs

The question of how to reduce NetApp 2040 support costs is posed to us regularly.The reason is because customers have sticker shock when they are presented by NetApp with their support contract renewal. The answer

5 Things you need for great HDS Support

HDS Support doesn’t have to be as complicated or as expensive as many think. As studies have indicated, most companies today are incorporating a Third Party Support model for their infrastructure to provide them with