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Refurbished parts can revitalize the data center

IT managers working for financially-limited organizations often find themselves in a situation in which they need to make a few strategic data center upgrades, but lack the funds to do so. Taking full advantage of

Less hardware could mean longer support cycles

Cloud computing, virtualization and other emerging technologies are combining to create a new data center environment in which companies may not need nearly as much hardware on-site as they used to. The end result of

3 Ways to Save on Cisco Maintenance

Cisco maintenance, aka Cisco SMARTnet, is known for being expensive. In times when IT budgets are tightening, the cost makes many an IT leader cringe. The good news—there are ways to cut down the expense

Savings on Dell Support

Dell Support isn’t much like barcaloungers or back-to-school supplies. We get a little jealous this time of year when we watch TV. Whether it’s end-of-model-year cars or JCPenny’s outfits for kids, there’s always that deep,