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Cloud spending set for rapid rise

Cloud computing has been gradually transforming the data center during its emergence during the past few years. This process is set to expand and possibly accelerate moving forward, as a recent IDC study found that

How can you prepare for cloud computing?

Cloud computing technologies are disrupting and transforming many aspects of IT operations, leaving IT managers that have run fairly traditional data centers scrambling to figure out what they need to do to handle the technology

Robots coming soon to a data center near you

Robotics technologies could soon play a prominent role in data centers as they emerge as a way to handle basic physical tasks that IT workers do not have the time to deal with, Data Center

How to Find a Full HP Support Solution

HP Support made news this month with HP’s announcement of “Lifetime Warranty 2.0” (for networking customers only). Now included in the purchase price of hardware is 24×7 phone support for up to three years, which

EMC’s SDS Direction Points to Park Place for EMC Support

Our EMC Support customers have been monitoring the company’s latest announcements regarding its software-defined storage approach. Having an SDS direction has become essential for storage solutions manufacturers, at least according to Data Center Dynamics: “Both