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“Unautomate” HP Care Pack

The Problem: An Auto-Renewal Mindset Let’s compare the HP Care Pack to auto insurance. The scenario is usually like this: You find the car of your dreams. You want to get her on the road

Soon, No More ONTAP Support for the NetApp FAS2050

Come June 30, 2013, NetApp will no longer be providing ONTAP software support for the FAS2050, and hardware support will expire in 2016. We all saw it coming when the FAS2050 reached end of availability

NetApp 6240 A State-of-Support Update

NetApp has developed a reputation for being costly but worth it, and the NetApp 6240 is no exception. This contribution to NetApp’s 6200 series brought faster controllers, more I/O ports, and higher capacities, along with

Independence from Hitachi Support

As July 4th approaches, you’ll be encouraged to declare your independence from a host of ills—put over-priced Hitachi support at the top of your list! The advantages of abandoning the OEM a third-party maintenance (TPM)


The End of Service Life (EOSL) for the EMC Clariion-series SAN disk arrays, including the EMC CX300, came and went with the 2012 New Year. Many organizations were sad to see this low-cost, space-saving solution