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IBM may be selling its x86 business

Rumors have emerged that IBM is negotiating the sale of its x86 business with Lenovo, a move that would create a major shift in the data center infrastructure market as a whole. Industry sources recently

Dell EqualLogic devices creeping up on EOSL

A number of legacy Dell EqualLogic systems will reach the end of service life (EOSL) period fairly soon. The official EOSL date for the PS5000 systems is August 19, 2014. Furthermore, the PS50-PS3000 series devices will hit EOSL even

EMC Symmetrix DMX models reaching end of service life

Third-party hardware maintenance and operating system support solutions offer IT managers incredible value by allowing them to use hardware beyond the end of service life (EOSL) announcement. This could come in handy soon as EMC

Georgetown Law Center Case Study

Located at the foot of Capitol Hill, in Washington, D.C., Georgetown University Law School offers unparalleled access to the Congress, the Supreme Court, and numerous agencies, administrative boards, and commissions of the federal government…

Texas Tech Storage Maintenance Case Study

Dustin Jordan, Assistant Director of Technology Operations and Systems Management (TOSM) at the Texas Tech University System (TTUS), was faced with a dilemma. His relationship with Dell Inc., the OEM, was solid and the…

NetApp 2040

The NetApp 2040 is being transitioned but that doesn’t mean your equipment is dead.  When announced that the NetApp 2040 is to be transitioned (a kind word for End of Life), it sends a clear