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Further Reduce TCO of Cisco UCS Support

Only four years in the compute market with Cisco UCS Support and Cisco hit #2 in worldwide share for x86 blades, according to a June 17, 2013 post on the company’s site. That’s a meteoric

Decisions, Decisions re: NetApp 6280 Support

The NetApp 6280 hit the market with big claims regarding its flexibility. In many ways, this high-end array enabled us to not decide on everything for all time—and we like building a little indecisiveness into

Cloud computing strains data center systems

Cloud computing is sometimes presented as a cure-all for IT infrastructure issues. There are some cases when using the cloud can ease many internal hardware management burdens, especially for small businesses that put most of

Cloud computing changing data center roles

Many IT workers are concerned about how the cloud will impact their day-to-day job functions. According to a recent ZDNet report, there are some pundits who think the IT industry may be looking at a