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NetApp revising reinstatement policies

OEM extended warranties can often be expensive, especially if organizations experience a lapse in service. Fees associated with service gaps are fairly common in the OEM support sphere, and NetApp recently adjusted its policy to

Consider Your NetApp Support Options

When considering whether or not to stick with NetApp support, finding reliable information to guide you is difficult. By comparison, hardware purchasing decisions are accompanied by extensive expert opinion. Reviews appear on every new product

Get the Power without Dell Support

FY2012 was the best on record for Dell, thanks to enterprise solutions and Dell support contracts. That’s right, if you purchased server, storage and networking products and use Dell support services, your IT budget helped

Further Reduce TCO of Cisco UCS Support

Only four years in the compute market with Cisco UCS Support and Cisco hit #2 in worldwide share for x86 blades, according to a June 17, 2013 post on the company’s site. That’s a meteoric