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In Denial about the Future of Cisco Support

Why must Cisco support come directly from Cisco? If you’re a company whose stellar margins are under attack from many directions, you are hoping people don’t ask this question, because the answer is very, very

Sustainable HP Maintenance

How can the right choice in HP maintenance contribute to your organization’s sustainability? In light of all the coverage of Moonshot—the much discussed but little seen line of servers from HP—it’s a question worth asking.

IBM institutes reestablishment fee

IBM recently announced that it will enforce a reestablishment fee for customers of its Power Systems, System x and Storage System Machine solutions. The reestablishment fee is a charge that will be applied to out-of-warranty

Maximize the Value of Data Center Hardware Maintenance

Increasingly, the reliability of data center hardware extends its useful life well beyond the terms of maintenance warranties. In specific circumstances, some IT managers and implementers devalue warranty and post warranty maintenance services or deny