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Maximize the Value of Data Center Hardware Maintenance

Increasingly, the reliability of data center hardware extends its useful life well beyond the terms of maintenance warranties. In specific circumstances, some IT managers and implementers devalue warranty and post warranty maintenance services or deny

HP Care Pack lookup by serial number

Determine your HP Care Pack lookup by serial number for your warranty status but there are easier ways to track all of your equipment. We Know it is Painful.  We hear it All of The

EMC Clariion CX3 Support today and beyond EOL

If you are looking for EMC Clariion CX3 support now and beyond the EOL date, you have options.  We heard from a customer yesterday who has had an EMC CX3-20 for a couple of years

Continuing your HP N4000 support (RP7400)

You are not alone if you are looking to continue your N4000 support (RP7400).  The N4000 was built during a time when HP was on top of the server world and this product was one