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You CAN Keep the Dell Equallogic PS6010 after EOSL

With the approach of EOSL, many data center and technology managers are wondering whether the hardware still has a place in their infrastructure. Admittedly, not every organization will rely on the PS6010XV for the mission-critical applications it was built to handle, but the demand for scale-out capacity with reasonable performance certainly hasn’t declined in recent years.

Park Place now offers XtremIO X1 Support

Park Place Technologies is now offering support contracts on the Dell EMC Xtremio systems. With an initial release date of November 2013, the XtremIO X1 remains an important asset in many data center environments, but cost-saving third party maintenance has been difficult to find for this high-capacity, all-flash enterprise.

New Year Begins, but End of Service Life Demands Attention

If you wish to keep your hardware beyond their EOSL date, you should speak to Park Place Technologies today, as we can provide you with break-fix and hardware support and maintenance beyond the declared EOSL date, enabling you to keep your storage, server and networking hardware supported and maintained, for as long as you wish to keep them.

10 Tips to Help You Reach Multi-“Cloud 9”

Understanding how users engage with applications—and how they want and need to do so—can provide insight into existing cloud services and emerging opportunities. Look at how users are accessing specific services (e.g., via desktop or mobile), for what reasons, and for how long.

3 Trends in Maintaining the Digital Data Center

When it comes to the data center—the physical requirements of the storage arrays packed with data, the servers computing away, and the network shuffling traffic back and forth within the enterprise and to the cloud—how can these systems be maintained so they will function at peak performance with less investment of time and resources?

Preparing for the Many Possible Futures of the Business Enterprise

“Future proofing” used to be synonymous with long-range planning, essentially lifecycle management enabling data center facilities and hardware investments to deliver full value before redevelopment or replacement. The definition has steadily evolved to connote a flexible, resilient architecture capable of supporting accelerated, business-driven digital transformation.