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Park Place will be first to offer VMAX 3 Support

Park Place Technologies strives to offer the full range of hardware support contracts our customers are seeking on equipment from Cisco, IBM, HPE, NetApp, and many other manufacturers. For years, we’ve maintained clients’ Dell EMC

Software Defined Networking Comes to Windows Server 2019

We’ve talked before on the blog about the software-defined data center (SDDC) and the critical role of software-defined networking (SDN), which has been gaining market momentum lately. An explosion in network traffic, driven by factors

Multi-Cloud Means We Are All Shadow IT

For data center managers, Shadow IT is a reality — it’s either there and you know it, or it’s there and you don’t. Shadow IT encompasses things like the AWS Machine Learning experiment happening over

Enterprise-Quality Support for Dell EMC VMAX3

In the IT hardware industry, the “enterprise class” designation given to systems like the VMAX3 indicates more than capacity. Customers look to enterprise storage arrays for flawless performance and maximum uptime—and let’s be honest, typically