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Approaches to Enhanced NOC/SOC Collaboration

The lines between the network operations center (NOC) and security operations center (SOC) are blurring, even breaking down. We are seeing this from two directions. Most large enterprises with a dedicated SOC (80%) have a

Pros and Cons: In-House Data Center vs. Colocation

Colocation providers vary in quality, and the contracts run the gamut in terms of services and cost. The existing investment in an on-site data center facility versus the costs associated with moving to a colocation can tip the decision.

Keep Track of End of Service Life Dates

Data center hardware equipment listed at will be approaching their End-of-Service Life phase within the coming months. This means that the vendors will no longer be providing support for these storage, server and networking models

Computing Advances on the Final Frontier

Imagine a server being strapped to a rocket, blasted over 26,000 miles to geosynchronous orbit, and then living a life bombarded by solar flares and radiation but expected to perform flawlessly. This is precisely the

Why the Enterprise Must Keep Its Head Out of the Clouds

The cloud has transformed the ways businesses engage with technology. Rapid scalability through elastic provisioning, increased productivity as employees collaborate from anywhere, and reductions in the IT management burden and costs are among the features