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10 Tips to Help You Reach Multi-“Cloud 9”

At the most basic level, nearly every company now uses SaaS systems from different cloud providers. Hybrid private/public clouds are also becoming the preferred option for enterprises, and these networks are inherently distributed. This means most organizations are currently dealing with the challenges of managing networks and services from multiple vendors. They’re having multi-cloud headaches.

Pros and Cons: In-House Data Center vs. Colocation

Colocation providers vary in quality, and the contracts run the gamut in terms of services and cost. The existing investment in an on-site data center facility versus the costs associated with moving to a colocation can tip the decision.

Know Your Type When Selecting a DRaaS Provider

A managed solution represents the highest level of support, with complete recovery SLAs negotiated as part of the contracting process, and the costs reflect this enhanced level of assistance.

What is DRaaS? Pros and Cons of Outsourcing Disaster Recovery

The best RAID system cannot withstand flood waters, power surges, or explosions, so getting data and applications off site, preferably in a location geographically isolated from the primary data center, ranges from desirable to absolutely critical.