Server, Storage and Networking Hardware Support Alternative That Does Everything You Need

When it comes to a server, storage or networking hardware support alternative, IT managers thought processes go through the same thing year after year at renewal time.  They cringe at the prices the OEMs charge and they wonder why it is so expensive because their teams generally do all of the work when it comes to replacing parts.  HP, Sun Oracle, EMC, NetApp, IBM, you name it, they are all the same.  the managers want a viable alternative.

Why do the OEMs dictate what I get for support?

As everyone is well aware, the OEMs send an engineer on site as little as possible even though your contract calls for someone to come on site.  The OEMs feel it is too expensive so they push the work back to the customer (generous, aren’t they?!?).  They mandate you and your team should be the one to replace the part but yet you are paying exorbitant amounts for the support that you don’t get.  It doesn’t make sense.

If you are willing to do some of the hands on work, why don’t you get a discount?

What the OEMs don’t want you to know is there a program that allows you to significantly reduce your support costs without increasing your workload.  The program is called Support Together .  Support Together provides you with the ability to call in for support 7x24x365 and provides you with all necessary replacement parts.

Who provides a viable solution?

When working together to solve an issue rather than trying to elude responsibilities to reduce their costs (like the OEMs do), we can conquer a lot!  Many customers look to Park Place Technologies to provide them with a hardware support alternative like Support Together that provides great support for significant savings.