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Data Explosion to Continue in 2018; How to Manage More than Ever Before

Premier companies offer highly personalized service. Clients can easily access experts for help in maximizing uptime, ensuring data integrity, optimizing backup processes, giving older equipment new life, and charting an affordable upgrade pathway, while saving money all at the same time.

GDPR Penalties and Basic Compliance Recommendations

Regulators have been underscoring their interest in partnering with organizations to help them enhance consumer protections and data security, rather than financially penalizing companies working to do the right thing. Still, many IT leaders remain concerned.

An Overview of GDPR Requirements

Some of the GDPR’s provisions are more difficult to parse. For example, a new data portability requirement promises to allow individuals to transport information from one organization to another.

Who is Affected by the GDPR?

Some provisions, such as requirements to employ a data protection officer (DPO), may apply primarily to larger companies, except where an entity is involved in “regular and systematic monitoring” at large scale.

The Y2K of 2018? The EU’s General Data Protection Regulation

Once the multinationals—or any business operating or collecting data across borders—can get accustomed to the new rules, the simplicity of a single dominant standard, not to mention the bolstering of consumers’ flagging confidence, may be beneficial.