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Shifting the Balance Between the Edge and the Cloud, Part 2

Peeling the Onion at the Edge Edge computing promises to both move data processing closer to the end user, thus reducing latency, and to limit the volume of data transferred over networks, preventing bottlenecks and

How to Fix IoT Security Issues: Development

Perhaps most important in the coming days will be an evolutionary mindset regarding secure IoT development. It is a rapidly changing field, so businesses will need to stay up to date, consistently review their own practices, analyze failures, and build in means for continual improvement.

How to Fix IoT Security Issues: Device Selection and Integration

No matter how diligent manufacturers may be, vulnerabilities will remain in the best IoT devices, and employees, contractors, and other site visitors are likely to bring additional, less thoroughly vetted devices onto the premises as well. Good policies can go a long way in protecting against security breaches and minimizing the impacts of any that may occur.