Network Analytics™

A hosted network management service that delivers extensive visibility and intelligence to manage your network in today’s changing IT environment.

UPTIME is Better Visibility to Critical Network Data.



ParkView Network Analytics (PVNA) makes it easy to monitor your network. Designed for networks with up to 500 devices, PVNA, as a hosted service, allows IT organizations to:

  • Reduce management complexity
  • Automatically discover IT resources
  • Proactively monitor the network reducing risk of costly downtime
  • Deliver outstanding end-user experiences
  • Receive better visibility and actionable data to what matters most to your IT team.

The ParkView Network Analytics Advantage

Our expert PVNA onboarding team will ensure a smooth deployment with an onboarding plan that includes custom-built set-ups for device management, custom dashboard creation and reports that meet your unique requirements. This means once you get access to the services, your IT staff can immediately focus on managing your network. This eliminates the set-up procedures, and implementation takes advantage of the PVNA onboarding team’s extensive product experience and best practices for optimum performance management.

PVNA brings ongoing administrative services that will offload IT administrative tasks for your team. No more tedious patch updates, adding/deleting devices, back-ups, etc. this is all handled by PVNA  hosted network management. Give valuable time back to your IT Team for more important projects.

Leverage the power of ParkView Network Analytics

Learn more about how ParkView Network Analytics discovers and monitors the health of your physical, virtual, cloud and software-defined environments:

ParkView Network Analytics Dashboard
ParkView Network Analytics Discovery Contents


Automated Network Discovery​

Discover your entire network with ParkView Network Analytics continuous automated discovery. The vendor-agnostic discovery feature ensure that you will have visibility to all of your network assets.

As devices are added, removed or changed on the network, details are captured and stored in the PVNA CMDB, giving you historical context of your network. With this continually updated visibility, you can avoid annual maintenance costs on devices that you otherwise might not have known were no longer in service.

Further automate the process by scheduling Auto Discovery to run at set times. Run discovery as regularly as you need to make sure that your device inventory is continually updated and accurately reflects the rapidly changing heterogeneous network environment.

Another benefit of automating discovery is the ability to find objects that should not be on your network. These might otherwise go unnoticed, because you did not intend for them to be added, and saves you the effort of manually checking the network for such illegal devices or not even discovering them at all. Such rogue devices might represent a security risk or could have been installed without permission.

PVNA allows you to import devices from device files. These can be imported in the SNMPv1, v2c and v3 formats. Or you can add a custom device type that represents a device PVNA is not managing, but you want to be represented within PVNA. The flexibility available across our solution starts with helping you discover every device and stay up-to-date across your network.



Networks are chatty. ParkView Network Analytics comes with over 350 Event alerts and 100 Incident notifications to help you cut through the noise. Every Event and Incident drills down into key metrics such as utilization, traffic and fault charts. Events can be suppressed, giving you control of what you see.

In ParkView Network Analytics, events are raised to notify a user that something has happened. They are generated from a number of different inputs, such as polled information, SNMP Traps, and Syslog messages. Every event has a severity level. You are able to configure severity levels for each event. Incidents inherit the highest severity level from the currently raised event.

ParkView Network Analytics comes with over 350 pre-defined event alerts.

ParkView Network Analytics takes event polling and escalation further with Incidents. An incident tracks an ongoing situation on your network, as determined by its associated events. Events drive the opening, updating and closing of incidents.

For example, if a certain port utilization threshold is exceeded, PVNA will raise a Port Utilization High Event for that port. This Port Utilization High Event will open a Port Utilization Abnormality Incident. This incident can then be updated or closed by a further associated event or events.

ParkView Network Analytics comes with over 100 Incident notifications.

ParkView Network Analytics Event Management System



ParkView Network Analytics makes it easy immediately locate issues on your network with its robust mapping and drill down features. Visualize your network in the way that makes sense for your business, whether through a detailed topology map or geographic device location map.

Instantly visualize your network devices and ports in a multi-layer topology map. Layer 2 and 3 connectivity is automatically discovered and drawn. Import your unmanaged links and other topology data.

Get a global picture of your network and its health with Geographic Mapping. Drill down to the individual office of your network assets locations. Use the colored markers to see the number and severity of the network health of your assets by location.

Instantly gauge the state of your network at any scale, and understand which geographical areas are being affected with issues.

Drill down into a View from the map, or click a link for data on its status or utilization.

Markers display up-to-date details that give you detailed information on your network.


ParkView Network Analytics customizable dashboards lets you easily build the dashboard of information you need.

Add to your dashboard context-dependent Topological Maps that display the topology of a View selected on your Geographical map, for example, allowing you to see the exact layout of devices in each branch office.

Combine the Geographical Map with any dashlet, so you can see all the information you need to see on a single pane of glass. You can also easily switch between Geographical and Topological Map modes in the map dashlet via a simple toggle.



Quickly identify whether the problem is on your network or someone else’s, and locate potential and actual bottlenecks by seeing exactly how an application path travels through your network and the wider internet.

Quickly identify whether the problem is on your network or someone else’s, and locate potential and actual bottlenecks by seeing exactly how an application path travels through your network and the wider internet.

Validate your network connectivity disaster recovery plans and protect IT operations in a trackable, accurate manner, complete with audit documentation. Be alerted when your primary WAN circuit fails over to a backup circuit, or when traffic goes over routes they should not go over.

Continual visibility of critical paths helps you meet increasingly demanding SLAs. Proactively prevent path deviations and accelerate troubleshooting to reduce the impact of degraded performance on end users. Ensure performance and connectivity to specific nodes and destinations, and monitor the performance links to remote WAN sites and branches.

SurePath’s agent-based technology lets you monitor and troubleshoot network performance issues beyond the edge of your local network, and monitor SaaS connections from your network.

ParkView Network Analytics SurePath Cloud Monitoring



Gain at-a-glance visibility into your network performance helping you make accurate and faster decisions that keep your network running at peak performance.

Go from reactive to proactive. Keep your network functioning optimally before problems become issues.

Outage costs add up quickly. Put an end to outage mishaps with real-time discovery and key analytics.

Focus on what’s important to monitor, faster resolution

Maximizes network performance and service availability. Efficiently scales up to support growing businesses