Park Place Technologies Introduces ParkView Business Unit and Expanded Service Set, Advancing its DMSO Strategy

August 11, 2020

DMSO Market Represents $228 Billion Opportunity

Park Place Technologies, a global IT leader focused on optimizing data centers and IT infrastructure for 17,000 customers, announced the creation of a new ParkView™ business unit and full suite of managed services on the company’s flagship ParkView platform. The new product suite underpins Park Place’s commitment to empower customers to efficiently Discover, Monitor, Support and Optimize (DMSO) their IT infrastructures and cloud computing environments. According to IDC, DMSO is a market opportunity that is expected to grow to $228 billion annually by 2023.

“Managing IT infrastructures has become more complex as companies support platforms on-premises, in public and private clouds, at the edge and networks and operation centers that span the globe,” said Chris Adams, President and CEO of Park Place Technologies. “Our expanded suite of ParkView managed services helps organizations meet the need for cross-network support for managing critical infrastructure, while eliminating chaos and accelerating business transformation.”

The new services within the ParkView unit, which complement our established ParkView Hardware Monitoring™ include:

ParkView Discovery™ – A managed service platform that provides customers with a holistic, accurate listing of all data center assets within their IT environments and across all OEMs. The service provides automated IT asset discovery and dependency mapping, comprehensive coverage of servers (physical, virtual & cloud), desktops, peripherals, and edge devices. Customers can view assets by class (server, storage, networking), OEM or serial number. With ParkView Discovery, customers can reduce software licensing costs and maintenance costs.

ParkView Network Analytics™ (PVNA) – Combines a real-time network path discovery tool with ParkView’s rich network data to illustrate, monitor, and alert where an application’s traffic is traveling over the network and cloud. PVNA ensures the network is always up to date, including key administrative functions that ensure all activities, such as application patches and device and path changes, are handled promptly.

ParkView Network Analytics provides a clear focus on maintaining VPN performance, which is critical to ensure that end-users working remote remain as productive as if they were in the office. PVNA’s proactive monitoring will show where more VPN tunnels are needed to accommodate users, guaranteeing everyone can be productive 24/7. PVNA’s SurePath Application Path Monitoring equips IT teams to understand how applications like Salesforce, Microsoft Outlook, and Oracle Databases, among others, are operating.

ParkView OS Monitoring™ – A managed solution for server and storage monitoring at the software level to include Linux, Windows, and VM.

“DMSO is something which is a positive for the industry. Park Place is able to lead on that because they’ve defined it,” said Paul Alexander, Head of Technical Services, STEM Faculty, The Open University. “They understand where the industry is going. Obviously there’s a lot going into the cloud, and in some cases, it’s going to be a hybrid. I feel like the industry needed to find a new direction and DMSO is an evolution.

“It’s very clear a lot of people who run data centers don’t know what equipment they have. So, the first problem that you need to solve on the roadmap is discovery, and that’s key as part of DMSO. Once you’ve discovered it, you need monitoring. And if these things were integrated well, like through ParkView, that’s a winning solution. I think then the natural progression from that is to support. Optimization totally goes hand-in-hand from there, and it covers a multitude of different platforms.

“I think the industry as a whole is likely to move towards DMSO.”

“The industry is facing a great challenge in adapting to the new reality of remote and hybrid workforces,” said Roy Illsley, Chief Analyst for Enterprise IT at Omdia. “One of the implications of this will be a significant pressure on IT budgets. Omdia forecasts that 2020 IT budget spending will be -2.87% lower than 2019. Therefore, adopting a new approach to manage the infrastructure and optimizing it to deliver a better service at lower cost will be key criteria for CIOs. Omdia considers that the new DMSO category will help companies ensure their infrastructure and costs can sustain business in the new era of work and be prepared for the next crisis when it inevitably comes.”

ParkView Discovery and ParkView Network Analytics are available now. ParkView OS Monitoring will be available in November 2020.