Stretch Your Data Maintenance Partnership—All the Way Around the World

Tired of having multiple support contracts to achieve global reach? With Park Place Technologies – you don’t have to!

For many organizations, single-site operations are a thing of the past. Globalization is accelerating, and businesses of all sizes are rapidly expanding across borders even as they strive to transform their digital operations. A key challenge—data center maintenance.

Customers are frustrated when using different support resources in different regions and countries around the world, each with its own contracts, limitations, support processes, and SLAs. It’s a huge headache, and also increases support complexity and costs.

Fortunately, the opportunity exists to save 50% or more off the price of OEM hardware maintenance while also consolidating nearly every data center support need under one global umbrella.

The Only Global Hardware Maintenance Provider

Park Place Technologies is well known across North America as a provider of top-quality hardware maintenance services. And indeed, we got our start in the USA with headquarters in Cleveland, Ohio. But that location was just the beginning.

We have since grown to become the world’s leading hardware maintenance company and the only vendor with truly global capabilities. Please allow us to share a few stats to demonstrate exactly what that means:

  • We service over 36,000 data centers in more than 140 countries.
  • We have dozens of support locations outside the U.S., from Sao Paolo to Singapore, allowing us to cover every region on the planet with direct engineering access in under 4 hours.
  • Our 160+ supply depots stock more than 350,000 spare parts, ensuring rapid deployment on 6 continents (sorry Antarctica!).
  • We support over 50,000 diverse server, storage, and networking products from more than 40 major hardware OEMs.

Partnering with Park Place is like tapping a global army of IT hardware experts. Our engineers remain at your beck and call via a 24/7, multilingual, “follow the sun” Support Center. And with ParkView, our proactive monitoring solution armed with machine learning, we’ll often contact you before you have reason to contact us. That’s because ParkView’s AI system identifies emerging problems at their earliest signs and sends us an information-laden alert so we can mobilize a response—often before any downtime occurs.

Embrace a New Support Solution

Like the Disney song says, it’s a small world after all—and Park Place reaches the whole way around. If you’re tired of splitting your IT hardware support contracts geographically, switch to a global maintenance provider. Switch to Park Place Technologies.

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