Fighting Over the Value of Dell and Dell Support

What is a Dell support contract worth? If you’re Dell, quite a lot. If you’re the customer, not so much.

As we all witness Dell’s continued privatization struggle—its stock price is now the subject of a lawsuit—it’s interesting to consider the company’s overall value to the enterprise market. We believe Dell has a lot left to give as a hardware manufacturer, as its recent additions to the PowerEdge line as well as its EqualLogic, Compellent, PowerVault and AppAssure storage solutions underscore. From a product-support perspective, however, there are much better options.

On this, Dell would almost certainly disagree. The company values its support highly, charging about 50% more than the third party Dell support market for service that has proven less effective than the competition in maximizing uptime and making the most of hardware investments.

If this comes as a surprise to you, you’re not alone. Many experienced IT professionals have assumed that the manufacturer is in the best position to provide great support, and this preconception has enabled Dell and other OEMs to charge a premium for post-warranty maintenance contracts. Organizations concerned with performance and reliability simply didn’t think they had an alternative to Dell support. In recent years, however, as the third party maintenance market has matured, more and more IT managers are realizing that alternative providers are really the experts in Dell support.

That’s good news, because top-tier providers like Park Place Technologies offer numerous advantages for Dell support:

  • Significant cost-savings based both on a lower price point and more flexible contracts, which allow you to select varying levels of service for different pieces of equipment. With Park Place, you pay less and only for what you need.
  • Experienced support professionals at your fingertips. Every Park Place customer is assigned a Level 3 engineer to spearhead the account, and this individual—not a less-than-helpful help desk employee—is whom you reach when you call or email.
  • Proactive maintenance and all the other service needed to maximize uptime. We’ll go through your systems with you up front, meet with you regularly to review your trouble calls, give you input unbiased by manufacturer ties, and provide remote monitoring and immediate response when we spot a problem. What more could you want to keep your systems operating at peak performance?

These are a few good reasons to reconsider the value you ascribe to Dell’s support offering. This free guide provides many more. If after reading it you’d like to explore your third party maintenance options, don’t hesitate to contact us. 

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