Unique Server Support Option for Unique IBM BladeCenter Equipment

Park Place Technologies offers a server support solution appropriate to the IBM BladeCenter product line.

The IBM BladeCenter JS12, JS23, and JS43 all reach end of support life (EOSL) on March 31, 2019. Many data center managers are now considering the fate of this equipment.

Like other EOSL hardware from IBM, BladeCenter servers offer compelling features worth keeping in in the environment—if appropriate arrangements can be made for long-term maintenance. This is where Park Place Technologies can be of assistance.

EOSL BladeCenter Models Continue to Deliver Value

BladeCenter represented IBM’s initial foray into blade servers, based on the company’s POWER6 architecture. Although the line has since been offloaded to Lenovo, the JS12, JS23, and JS43 continue to represent scalable, reliable, flexible options for many data center environments. Roomy solid state drives, virtualization technology, relative energy efficiency, and a small physical footprint for the time translate into viable applications for 2019 and beyond.

Most BladeCenter installations are stable at this point, but access to high-quality support is required to address any component-related issues, assist with reconfiguration if hardware is repurposed, and detangle unexpected problems that could otherwise lead to outages.

A High-Performance IBM Maintenance Solution

Fortunately, Park Place Technologies offers a server support solution appropriate to the IBM BladeCenter product line, including the JS12, JS23, and JS43. We can find the best-fit maintenance option for the budget with significant savings over IBM support.

Not only are our contracts right-sized for older hardware like the IBM BladeCenter servers, we integrate personalized service and the latest innovations. Our IBM server support clients benefit from:

  • Flexible contracts. Clients select the service level appropriate to the equipment and adjust as their needs change.
  • Level III-only engineering support. We deliver immediate access to Level III support at a lower cost than the OEMs implement tiered support protocols, which are explicitly designed to restrict access to expert engineer resources.
  • Global parts depots. We strategically position spare parts the world over—and on client sites for mission critical equipment. That way, we can implement required fixes faster than the competition. And we have a better first-time fix rate, too!
  • ParkView proactive monitoring. Armed with machine learning, ParkView predicts faults, automatically files trouble tickets, and empowers Park Place to minimize downtime, often before it happens. It’s a key contributor to our uptime-maximization cpaabilities.
  • Central Park self-service tool. Clients gain full visibility into every event, manage the support contract, and more with a single portal.

Park Place can act immediately to take over support for EOSL BladeCenter equipment, and we won’t miss a step in the transition. If you’re interested in extending the lifespan of the BladeCenter JS12, JS23, and/or JS43—or other hardware in your environment—request a quote right away.

One last thing before you go. Whether or not you want to embark on third party maintenance today, take a moment to subscribe to our IBM EOSL update list so you’ll have advance warning of every upcoming EOSL.

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