Outsmarting SMARTnet [On-Demand Webinar]


Augmenting traditional Cisco maintenance services with a viable hybrid maintenance strategy

Networks are the lifeblood of any IT environment and any business, playing a pivotal role in ensuring uptime.  Now more than ever, when IT leaders are being asked to do more with less budget, networks can play a vital role in optimizing their performance to ensure the agility, resiliency and efficiency of the IT infrastructure they are a part of.

For IT leaders with Cisco hardware in their environment running on expensive Cisco maintenance contracts, one way of optimizing IT budgets, IT productivity and IT performance of their networks is to explore viable Cisco support alternatives for network maintenance and support to Cisco.

In this webinar you’ll not only learn how Park Place Technologies is ideally positioned to provide an alternative networking hardware maintenance and support model to the ones provided by Cisco and Cisco Partners, but how we also provide data to support decision making through our proprietary ClearView™ assessment service. You’ll also gain insights into how to gain greater visibility, transparency and control of your IT network when you combine network support and maintenance together with network monitoring, network management and network performance value-added services.

In this webinar, you will learn:

  • How you can augment traditional Cisco maintenance with third-party maintenance for Cisco network hardware
  • How you can benefit with 30-40% costs savings/optimisation on your network maintenance compared to Cisco pricing and a self-maintenance strategy
  • How ClearView™ from Park Place Technologies will analyse your network hardware to illustrate which hardware should stay with the OEM and which hardware should be considered for third-party hardware maintenance, and most importantly, why
  • How network monitoring and a First-Time Fix™ Guarantee integrated with your network maintenance can deliver faster Uptime
  • How NetSure+ from Park Place Technologies can provide you with support, sparing, compliance and logistics solutions for your network hardware
  • How your network could benefit from network management and network performance solutions