Transformational Trends in IT Services: What is DMSO?

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IDC Market Spotlight

Today’s enterprise datacenter must handle more requirements than ever before, with the IT infrastructure connecting distributed ecosystems of employees, partners, and suppliers. With this complexity comes the need for technology and services that ensure high availability and optimal performance of the IT delivery infrastructure.

As companies face increasing global competition for customer acquisition and market dominance, they must be able to respond quickly to modify business models and meet new market requirements. For most companies, this means relying on complicated IT infrastructures to drive new product development, support business-critical processes, and improve employee productivity.

For resource-strapped IT organizations, managing these complex IT environments can present significant challenges. IT managers are focusing on driving strategic technology transformations that can directly affect bottom-line revenue rather than manage legacy IT assets. IDC research shows that more IT organizations are seeking help from support providers that can move beyond break-fix support to improve ongoing IT operations and meet demanding service-level agreements (SLAs) for both internal and external customers.