Park Place launches parts purchasing site

January 28, 2020

Park Place Technologies has launched a parts purchasing website,  As the leading provider of third-party maintenance and support services globally, Park Place is constantly acquiring spare parts for a variety of equipment.

As contracts for equipment fluctuate, Park Place frequently has parts become available.  Rather than add more e-waste to a growing global burden of discarded electronics, Park Place is making these parts available for purchase on

The ppt-parts site is organized to make it easy to find desired parts.  A global search function allows a customer to search for parts by their SKU numbers, but it is also possible to browse the site by category, such as drives, motherboards, switches, and controllers.  At times, entire systems are also available, so if a customer is looking for extra capacity, it may be possible to find an entire system.  For example, several HP DL380 systems are currently available.

Each of the parts and systems made available for sale have been tested in Park Place’s quality assurance labs.  All parts and systems have previously been on contract for our customers, so our world-class testing process has been applied to minimize the potential of a defective part being shipped.

Parts are currently available for shipping to the United States.  Future enhancements to the site will allow global shipping and purchasing of parts.  A dedicated customer service team is available for any custom searches or questions regarding the site or our parts at

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Park Place Technologies employs a comprehensive team of field service and Level III engineers that have, on average, about 15 years of direct OEM experience to ensure you quality service and support for your data center hardware equipment.