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Network Monitoring Tools for MSPs

“Network outage costs are estimated at $5,600 a minute. An outage of just one hour would cost a business $300.000.” ~ Gartner

Don't Let Your Customer Be Your Warning System

Customers now demand better user experiences, and you have to figure out how you keep delivering to this increasing demand by using many of the same technologies you’ve always used. Which means you have to be smarter about the way you use them. You have to combine technologies, making them work together.

Entuity delivers complete visibility of all your customer networks in a single pane of glass. At a glance, you can see every customer service status, device status and outstanding incidents. And then you can drill down into the individual network components that will help you quickly and efficiently remediate network issues.

MSP network monitoring tools

High network availability is your goal. But when needed, fix fast.

  • Network Device Auto Discovery

    Entuity’s Auto Discovery tool saves you time and gives you peace of mind that everything on your network is accounted for.

    • Complete deployments in a streamlined manner.
    • Gain visibility of new devices straight away.
    • Avoid costly information gaps and performance-affecting faults arising through obsolete inventory information.
  • Understand Your Network Changes

    The snapshot functionality of Entuity’s network asset discovery tool allows you to manually create or schedule snapshots of your network’s device inventory (on a View basis, not for the entire inventory), which can then be used in reports that compare any two of these snapshots and identify the changes. Schedule both snapshots and reporting to remove manual labor from the process of keeping tabs on how your network is changing in an increasingly dynamic environment.

  • Import or Add Custom Devices

    Entuity software further allows you to import devices from device files. These can be imported in the SNMP v1, v2c and v3 formats. Or you can add a custom device type that represents a device Entuity is not managing, but you want to be represented within Entuity. The flexibility available across our network discovery solution starts with helping you discover every device and stay up-to-date across your network.

entuity network monitoring for MSPs

Advanced Customization - Show customers as much or as little as you'd like

  • Customer-Level Flexibility

    Your customers have different needs, and often want to see different things. One customer may want a detailed dashboard showing various network metrics, while another may want a simple, high-level snapshot of the health of the network. You should have the power to offer your customers a flexible solution that caters for all needs.

  • SLA Management

    Stay on top of SLAs by managing all customer networks through a single pane of glass.

  • Privilege Management

    Fully customize user and client privileges through granular, role-based access controls.

  • Multi-Tenant Monitoring

    Improve operational efficiency, and cut capital equipment costs and server numbers through powerful multi-tenant network monitoring.

  • Reduce Overhead

    Reduce operational overhead and staffing expenses by harnessing automation to maintain customer service.

enterprise network monitoring software for managed service providers

Network Performance Monitoring - High network availability is your goal. But when needed, fix fast.

Keeping the network running and reducing mean time to repair (MTTR) is business critical. Every minute of network downtime is contributing to lost revenue. Your customers rely on your to maintain network performance, and the primary indicator of performance is high availability of network resources.

However, should the network fail, your customers need you to get it back up and running as quickly as possible. Whether it’s through detailed historical and real-time insights, so you can drill down into the root cause of an issues, or through predictive trending to stop it happening in the first place – Entuity gives you the tools to get there faster.

entuity network monitoring for MSPs