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Smarter is

Uptime starts with ParkView™

Smarter maintenance begins with smarter monitoring. Our revolutionary ParkView™ platform monitors your hardware 24/7 so you don’t have to.

  • When a fault is detected, ParkView™ instantly creates a ticket including the details necessary to resolve the issue, so there’s no need to call us.
  • Over time, ParkView™ leverages machine learning to detect faults before they even occur.

Other features:

  • Vendor-agnostic interface supports a wide range of OEMs, platforms, OS and generations
  • Real-time visibility via Central Park customer portal
  • Security features are based on your company’s unique requirements and all data transmitted to ParkView™ is SSL encrypted

The old way of managing a data center is
reactionary, time-consuming, costly and outdated.

ParkView™ reduces the number of touchpoints between you and a maintenance solution to two easy steps

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Smarter is
50% savings.

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– Customer must present OEM contract. – ParkView™ must be implemented on eligible devices.

is a single
pane of

Central Park is a powerful
self-service platform
puts you in control 24/7

Real-time visibility for all events

Get live updates on all your assets so you can monitor performance, ticket status and much more.

Submit a ticket

Central Park makes it easy to submit a hardware ticket without ever having to pick up the phone.

Add equipment

Add and modify all your hardware equipment anywhere around the globe..

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is more uptime.
Better service.
More value.

More Uptime

More uptime

  • More informed alerts and 31% faster incident resolution with ParkView™
  • Over 97% first-time fix rate – and climbing
  • More efficient, optimized data center
Unmatched Service and Value

Unmatched Service & Value

  • Your single source for hardware support across a wide range of OEMs
  • Global supply chain means your equipment is covered everywhere
  • Flexible SLAs
  • 24/7 Support Center
  • 24/7 Triage/analysis via ParkView™
  • 24/7 Client services
  • 24/7 Level 3 backline support
  • Save 50% vs OEM maintenance – GUARANTEED

97% customer satisfaction rate

141+ countries supported

15,200+ current customers supported

We support and service a wide range of brands

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