• Third Party Hardware Maintenance
    Count on Uptime all the time, with a partner you can trust.
  • Discover. Monitor. Support. Optimize. (DMSO)
    Simplify the management of complex IT infrastructures.
  • End of Service Life (EOSL) Library
    Be prepared for every lifecycle phase of your data center hardware.

Our Solutions

  • Discover
  • Monitor
  • Support
  • Optimize


Optimization services through Park Place Technologies cuts through the clutter and provides your team with the deep insights they need to ensure your applications are delivering the best end-user experience. 

Giving you the freedom to think bigger, increase agility, manage costs and optimize performance.

Simplifying the management of complex hybrid environments.

Uptime, All The Time.

By ensuring Uptime all the time, we give you peace of mind.

Been There, Fixed That.

As the global leader in third-party maintenance we support 1,000,000+ assets for 21,000+ global customers. In other words, we’ve seen and fixed it all. And you can be confident we have the experience to keep your data center hardware humming.

Future Proofing.

We offer products and services to help future proof your organization's IT asset support and management initiatives.

A holistic view of operations and predictive analytics.

Gain visibility that helps you future-proof your infrastructure, plan for growth and respond with agility to business demands.

From IT chaos to order.

Our unique combination of integrated IT management solutions streamlines operations and delivers the agility needed to support today’s complex businesses.

A unique and integrated approach to IT management.

We are with you 24/7/365, from 38 locations around the globe.

Park Place Technologies is the only truly global third-party data center maintenance company with operations throughout North America, EMEA, Latin America and APAC providing a unique alternative to the OEM.