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Isn’t it time you used to a monitoring tool that was designed with managed IT service providers in mind?
Entuity delivers complete visibility of all your customers' networks in a single pane of glass. At a glance, you can see every customer's service status, device status and any outstanding incidents. You can then drill down into the individual network components to quickly and efficiently remediate network issues.
Entuity enterprise network analytics software

Why MSPs love Entuity Software™

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Designed for today's complex networks - Entuity empowers MSPs team to more efficiently and effectively monitor, visualize, and manage their customer’s networks.

Increased profitability

MSPs increase profitability with Entuity Software™ by enabling L1 staff (vs. more expensive L3 resources) to address simple changes, service restarts, network updates and more

Entuity is an on-prem solution (vs. SaaS-based)

Empowering you to maintain control of your customer relationships

Simple deployment model

Entuity’s unified architecture enables just one Entuity server to be deployed and scaled out


Entuity empowers MSPs to monitor multiple customer networks from a single Entuity installation as though each network had their own dedicated instance of the software. This allows customers to view only their specific data. And enables MSPs to create accurate custom reporting for billing

Includes advanced Management Tools

Including configuration management, netflow, and IPAM

Automation, alert efficiency (noise reduction)

Discovers and pulls in new devices automatically

Modern (browser-based) user experience

With Entuity, there’s no application to download and install

Recognized as Leader in Network Monitoring & Management by G2

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network monitoring software for MSPs

How We Compare with Other Network Monitoring Software

G2 Grid® for Network Management Software

Learn more about how Entuity Software™ has helped MSPs

Ensono uses Entuity Software™ to deliver service management capabilities advancing business success for their clients. → Learn more

Mstart was able to achieve consultative status with it’s customers by consolidating disparate network monitoring tools with Entuity Software™. This led to more integrated data that enable faster root cause identification and more. → Learn more

Entuity helps Tait Communications support customers by effectively segregating them for individual management on multiple servers, while also being able to manage these customer networks together on a single central console view. → Learn more

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