Telling Stories with Your Network Monitoring Dashboard | Entuity Tech Talk [VIDEO]


Learn how to configure your Entuity network monitoring dashboard to tell the story hidden within your network. Discover different ways to understand and visualize status and availability, operations views for service teams and NOCs, or to simplify troubleshooting. Continue watching to discover why Entuity is a leading enterprise network management software today!

Dashboards for Network Monitoring (Transcript Teaser)

How do we use Entuity to solve a business challenge or technical problem within our work? Joining me today from our Solutions Architect group are both Pete Bartz and John Diamond. Some of you guys might have worked with them in the past, or maybe even when you were deploying Entuity.

Today we want to talk about network monitoring dashboards. Last year, we spent a lot of time on user-defined polling and custom integrations, and third party integrations using web hooks – addressing how we get better, richer data into Entuity. We’ve got all this data – now what? How do you use that data to tell a story beyond just event management?

When you are using Entuity dashboards for network monitoring today, what are you using them to do? Is it communicating status or availability to leadership or business groups? Or is it more of an operations view – something like a service team or a NOC is primarily using it. Is it a troubleshooting thing – you’ve got a ticket or somebody reported a problem?