Park Place Service Keeps University Hospitals Data Centers Healthy

Case Studies

University Hospital had utilized third party maintenance for a decade, but Andrew Balazs said the data center’s growing complexity and the demands for Uptime required a more sophisticated partner.

Andrew Balazs is not a doctor, nor does he play one on TV. But as Manager of Data Centers and Disaster Recovery at University Hospitals, he recognizes the role IT infrastructure plays in life-and-death scenarios.

“If our health care professionals don’t have access to required information the second they need it, they can’t help the patient,” Balazs said. “They need instant access to patient histories. They can’t give a drug to somebody in the hospital when they don’t have access to their drug interaction records. They need the latest radiology image before they go into surgery. If any information is inaccessible, it disrupts the whole flow of a health care system.”

The responsibilities are vast, and the IT infrastructure is complex.