3 Reasons to Abandon the HP Care Pack for Third Party Maintenance

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Drew Teller June 27, 2013

Last week, we talked about the “autorenewal mindset” when it comes to OEM support and specifically the HP Care Pack. Our point was that rubber stamping post-warranty support with HP may not be in your best interests.

We alluded to some of the advantages of third-party maintenance (TPM), but now let’s discuss the reasons IT organizations choose TPM for your HPE maintenance and support. Here are three excellent ones:

  1. TPMs generally undercut HP’s best price for a Care Pack by 30 to 60%. Now, when budgets are tight, those savings can certainly help balance the books or make funds available for critical upgrades.
  2. The best TPMs are 100% service-focused. Data center maintenance and support is their sole business, and that means they known how to get it right. While we can’t speak to other companies’ policies, with Park Place one of the many benefits you get is a dedicated Level 3 engineer who serves as your Technical Account Manager and is your point person.
  3. TPMs can give you a contract to support all your gear, regardless of manufacturer, EOSL status, existing warranty or support agreement, and so on. HP’s Care Pack are available only on their equipment and only until they don’t feel like supporting it anymore. The TPM solution winds up being much simpler.

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