Partner with Park Place

Partner with the global leader in data center networking and optimization.

Your Goals Are Our Goals

We take pride in staying connected with our partners every step of the way to help them make each transaction as smooth and seamless as possible. As a partner, your goals are our goals.

Your Sales Will Be Higher

  • Our robust portfolio of data center maintenance, hardware monitoring and network performance is second to none.
  • Over half of partner opportunities close in less than 30 days, keeping sales cycles fast.
  • Attractive pricing models help customers save important OpEx dollars, making budgeting a bit easier. And great margins mean Park Place business is profitable to sell.
  • Continually high customer satisfaction rates mean you can sell Park Place with confidence, knowing your customers always have access to the solutions they want, when they want them.

Your Profitability Will Strengthen

  • Deal registration ensures partners can invest in opportunities with discount protection.
  • Special pricing programs provide collaborative support to win the big deals.

You Will Have Access to Strategic Offerings

  • Simplicity is key. With our multi-vendor approach, there is only one service relationship to manage, globally.
  • Proactive is our middle name. ParkView provides real-time alerting to reduce outages and maximize uptime.
  • We never sleep. With our “follow the sun” approach to customer service, we provide consistent and centralized services for your customers anytime, anywhere.

How We Help You

  • We Bring Choices to the Table
    • Being a partner means having access to a virtual catalog of choices and solutions to offer your customers, allowing them to meet their unique business needs and ultimately, write their own success story. The choices you provide can help deliver results, making you the hero every single time.
  • We Make Doing Business Easy
    • No matter what you need to help meet your operational goals, we are there. From providing understandable information to easy-to-get quotes and quick responses to conducting smooth transactions, we pride ourselves on making every interaction easy and seamless from start to finish.
  • We Keep You Profitable
    • Our focus is on ensuring our partners are always moving up: up in sales, up in margin and up in opportunities. This allows us the ability to offer a strong front-end margin model to support investment in business development and provide special pricing programs that create collaboration to win the big deals.

Designed to Drive Your Success. Built to Empower

Park Place’s Uptime Partner Program is purpose-built to enable partners to be customer heroes. From improving the customer’s support experience to saving customers money on their support costs, our Uptime Partner Program enables and rewards partners for their collaboration and customer advocacy.

Our specifically and carefully designed partner tracks help provide lasting benefits, no matter where you are in your partner journey.

We Support and Service a Wide Range of Brands

Park Place Partner Program empowers, supports, and elevates your business to help distinguish yourself from your competition.