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Drew Teller February 23, 2016

IBM XIV end of life can be difficult to determine. The company is relatively open with software lifecycle information, but hardware support availability can be shrouded in mystery. That being said, hardware withdrawal notices have been issued for the following XIV 2810 and 2812 systems, making them end of life:

In determining support options, the withdrawal dates, which discontinue sales and shipping, are somewhat less important than the service agreement stipulations. IBM clarified that “new purchases of IBM XIV Storage System machine type 2812 models 114 and A14, will include both a 3-year hardware warranty period and 3-year warranty for XIV Software Maintenance.” The 214 came with a 1-year and 3-year warranty for the 2810 and 2812 respectively.

ServicePacs offer “1- and 2-year cover extensions.” As is pretty standard in the industry, the initial and extended coverage adds up to a maximum of five years of OEM commitment—meaning that if you system was purchased in 2010 or prior, you are probably beyond IBM’s support purview.

Some extended service can be provided on a cases-by-case basis, but once you reach that point in the hardware lifecycle, you are at the OEM’s mercy as the next renewal can be denied. And support—as opposed to selling a newer storage hardware—will not be their highest priority. It’s definitely not worth the cost.

Transitioning to Third Party Maintenance

No matter if support is no longer available from IBM, many customers are reluctant to give up a high-end storage system like the XIV without a fight. The XIV pipeline, including software, hardware, and XIV-derived technologies, is strong, and the older systems remain popular for their largely bulletproof operation and ease of administration.

And even for later Gen3 systems for which IBM support remains an option, many customers are seeking out alternatives that will save them money, extend their hardware life beyond IBM’s preferences, and add some value along the way. Many of these customers are finding Park Place Technologies.

A global leader in IBM and multi-vendor support for storage, server, and networking equipment, we offer a compelling case for IBM XIV support:

  • Lower cost than IBM support. Park Place clients typically save 40% to 70% off IBM’s support contracts. Anyone looking at a ServicePac should seriously consider whether the IBM name alone is worth the extra dollars.
  • Matching SLAs and inclusions. From 24/7 remote monitoring and IBM-expert engineers to certified spare parts and on-site assistance, Park Place can give clients everything IBM does. And clients can select from a range of support levels to find the right match for their XIV systems.
  • Longer commitment to hardware. Unlike IBM, Park Place never rescinds support. We will maintain any XIV system our clients want to keep in service, for as long as they wish to do so. With us, there are no more worries whether the next contract renewal will be the last.
  • Better service and value. There are some things Park Place doesn’t do like IBM. We don’t have an escalation procedure or severity level assessment. Instead, we put clients directly in contact with Level 3 support. Every client, no matter how large or small, also gains an assigned, Level 3 account engineer to deliver personalized service. And we incorporate engineering time for proactive and non-break/fix issues into each contract, so we are continually earning our keep by improving performance, reliability, processes, and more.


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