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Jack Kauter Published: April 07, 2023

Jack Kauter and Park Place Technologies Senior Solutions Architect for Professional Services, Steve Robertson, discuss the question – “What is the biggest challenge of IT hardware deployment and implementation?” in this month’s Ask the Engineer.

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Jack: Hi, guys. Jack here from Park Place, and it’s time for Ask the Engineer. Joining me today is Senior Solutions Architect for Professional Services, Steve Robertson. Steve, how are you doing?

Steve: Doing great. How are you, Jack?

Jack: Very well, thank you, Steve. Today’s question is regarding IT hardware deployments.

Top IT Deployment Challenge

Jack: What is the biggest challenge of a hardware deployment and implementation?

Steve: Yeah. So Jack, the biggest challenge I think is the logistics of the whole thing. The biggest part of logistics is the timing.


Steve: When do you want to begin the project? How quickly do you want to complete the project? You know, has the hardware that’s going to be installed been ordered and what’s the timing for delivery?

How many locations do you have? Consider how many locations you have; how many you want to have done each week and when do you want to complete the project by? Project management is going to be important for that, and they’re really meant to coordinate the hardware, the on-site engineers, and remote engineering support.

DIY Technology Deployment vs. Finding a Partner

Jack: Well, thanks for the explanation. Certainly a lot to consider. Is this something you can handle yourself, or how do you determine when you may need a partner?

Steve: So the biggest challenge is the project management piece of this. If you’ve got a strong project management internally, you may be able to handle it yourself. But we really encourage people to engage a partner that has a strong project management team to help deliver this.

Jack: Yeah. Yeah, great. And of course that that only sounds natural. Well, great. Thank you Steve for sharing your knowledge on this topic. Hopefully that should help some of our viewers out there. If anyone out there would like to suggest a question to one of our engineers, please feel free to reach out to us. For now we’ll see you next time on our engineer.

Jack Kauter - Head shot

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