Connectrix – Cisco MDS-9148-16

Sale date
April 12, 2010
End of Life
October 12, 2015
End of Service Life
October 30, 2020
*Inclusion in the EOSL library does not guarantee Park Place can support that specific device.
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The Cisco MDS 9148S end of life and end of service life have matured. If you’re still using this model, don’t make the mistake of thinking that you have to replace your switch just because Cisco no longer offers support. You can find 30-40% savings compared to OEM contracts when you use Cisco 3rd party maintenance from a trusted provider of data center hardware maintenance services. Park Place Technologies offer network device maintenance when Cisco can’t or won’t.

Contact us for a quote on post-Cisco 9148S EOL support, or browse our list of end of life Cisco equipment today to stay current on your support dates.

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