Park Place Technologies seeing increased demand for multi year agreements

May 22, 2012

CLEVELAND, May 21, 2012 – Economic conditions and data center trends have led more businesses to consider multi-year agreements for their data center hardware maintenance plans.

Multi-year agreements are among the most common initial maintenance plans provided by OEMs, and more organizations have recognized that they need similar long-term support for their data center hardware after the original warranty has expired. To a great extent, this trend can be attributed to the fact that many data center operators cannot afford to completely refresh equipment and are instead only buying new servers for cutting-edge applications, while using legacy equipment for other core systems. As a result, data center hardware maintenance is emerging as a major priority for many companies and Park Place Technologies’ multi-year service agreements are gaining popularity.

Service continuity is one of the most important attributes of a Park Place Technologies multi-year agreement. With short-term contracts, companies may switch between data center hardware maintenance providers having to adapt to different nuances associated with each plan. With a multi-year deal in place, organizations can enjoy the reliability that comes with a long-term agreement and ensure they maintain a continuity of service.

A multi-year maintenance service agreement also has financial implications. “While most original maintenance programs contain price increases between 5 and 10 percent annually, a multi-year agreement with Park Place Technologies is set up on a decreasing price scale. Our costs are front loaded in an agreement period, so we pass along the subsequent year over year savings to our customers.” explains Ed Kenty, President and CEO of Park Place Technologies. As a result, organizations that buy into a multi-year agreement with Park Place Technologies generally save considerably over the course of their contract. Furthermore, businesses avoid the one-time costs that come with starting a new plan or canceling an existing one.

A multi-year agreement with Park Place Technologies also comes with flexibility. Data center operators that engage with Park Place Technologies gain access to a flexible maintenance plan tailored to the requirements of their dynamic environment. This means organizations are free to add and remove equipment as needed over the course of the agreement. Furthermore, the same service cancellation rules apply in a Park Place Technologies multi-year agreement as those in a short-term deal, ensuring clients do not find themselves locked into the arrangement.

A data center hardware maintenance multi-year agreement simultaneously provides fiscal and operational benefits for businesses, giving them the stability they need without making them deal with excess fees and burdensome deals. These capabilities are coupling with current industry conditions to make multi-year agreements with Park Place Technologies increasingly popular.

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Eric Richardson, Marketing Operations Lead