Park Place to Deploy Help to Areas Impacted by Thanksgiving storm

November 26, 2019

Park Place Technologies is taking proactive steps to prepare clients for a potentially historic storm that will strike during the center of the Thanksgiving holiday travel rush.

An “historic” storm is heading towards southwest Oregon and northwest California Tuesday and Wednesday, the National Weather Service said. The storm is forecast to rival the strength of a Category 1 hurricane and pack wind gusts up to 74 mph.

According to the National Weather Service:

  • A severe storm will pummel California this week, bringing heavy snow in the mountains and heavy rain to the coast and valleys.
  • Winter storm warnings cover the Sierra, where snow will be measured in feet starting Tuesday and lasting into Friday. Up to 2 feet of snow could cover the mountains outside Los Angeles.
  • Elsewhere in Southern California, more than 10 million people are under flash flood watches from San Diego to Anaheim, where 1 to 3 inches of rain could make this Thanksgiving very soggy.
  • Weather warnings are in effect for Denver, where a winter storm will likely dump 10 to 15 inches of snow over the next few days.
  • Some parts of the Rockies could see 2 to 3 feet of snow
  • The same storm will spread into the Midwest and likely drop 8 to 12 inches of snow in Minneapolis. Iowa and Michigan will also get hammered with snow starting Wednesday.
  • Winds and rain will slow airports from the Midwest all day (and) into the major hubs in the Northeast during the afternoon and evening.
  • Further south in the Plains and Mississippi Valley, gusty winds and strong storms will develop Tuesday into Wednesday.
  • Ferocious winds and rain could wreak havoc Wednesday for airline passengers in the Northeast.

Park Place has set up a Command Center in Marlboro, Mass., that is ready to deploy whatever resources clients need, throughout the holiday weekend. Clients will have immediate access to our supply chain, tech support, field team and suppliers. Our national field teams are on “high alert” and will be ready to deploy in the areas most impacted.

Park Place has been reaching out to critical end-users like hospitals to ensure they are ready to engage us if they are hit hard.

By preparing for potential weather-related interruptions of service, Park Place is proactively investing in the uptime and peace of mind of our clients.

For further information on service in any impacted areas, please call 800-343-4654.

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