Network Management Megatrends in 2022

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According to EMA research, “The effectiveness of network operations teams is declining.” In fact, the number of network operations organizations that rate themselves as effective has decreased 22 percentage points since 2016.

The 2022 Network Management Megatrends summary will cover:

  • network management megatrends 2022The network technology investments that have been influencing operational strategy this year
  • How network technology leaders are identifying issues and identifying root causes in 2022
  • Strategies for building a network monitoring tech stack to support increasingly complex and connected global networks
  • How to leverage network management tools to mitigate employment changes
  • Advice on cloud adoption and monitoring your network regardless of server configuration
  • How NetOps and DevOps can collaborate in an optimal fashion
  • How IoT and Private 5G impact your network operations
  • New data types that your network monitoring tools must be able to ingest and analyze

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