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Drew Teller January 21, 2013

An HPE server warranty check on your server and storage equipment is easily accomplished if you look to alternatives other than Hewlett-Packard Enterprise.

Why Is It So Difficult To Determine My HPE Warranty Status?

Many companies find it difficult to track the status of their equipment with HP.

  • If the hardware is still under warranty, a particular group at HP is responsible for it.
  • If your hardware is under a Care Pack, a different group handles it.

That means you need to know which group to contact for your HP warranty check.

If you have a Care Pack and you contact the warranty department, they won’t have any idea of the status of your equipment (and vice versa). If HP can’t tell you for sure, your products may have reached their HPE end of life dates. So how do you really know?

How to Check HPE Server Warranties – The Simple Way

The best way to save time and obtain accurate answers is to have a company that deals with server and storage support on a regular basis do your HPE server warranty check for you. They will know exactly where to find this information, and a reputable company will do it for you at no cost.

What’s more, third party maintenance from Park Place Technologies will allow you to track all of your equipment through an online portal, no matter the warranty status or who is supporting the equipment. The portal will provide such details as serial number, model, location, handles, expiration dates and much, much more.

An HP warranty check doesn’t have to be painful if you use a storage and server hardware maintenance company that knows where to get the right information on your behalf. Contact us below and we can help.


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