The Importance of Customization in Network Monitoring Software

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Case Allin January 07, 2020

Entuity Network Analytics empowers organizations to discover, visualize, monitor, scale, and manage their networks like never before.

It’s customary at the outset of a new decade (Hello 2020!) to take a moment to look backward. Perhaps the most telling change in the twenty-teens was the degree to which technology became personal. The smartphone grew ever more integrated into our lives and adaptable to our needs and preferences. From the ringtone that wakes us up in the morning to the video recommendations from our streaming services, consumer technology is becoming more customized to us, the consumer.

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Now this trend is hitting enterprise technology as well. Mercifully, we’re not seeing a return of the very expensive, high-risk custom deployments of yesteryear, which off-the-shelf applications have largely replaced. Instead, we are witnessing how those OTS solutions can become more flexible without also becoming more complex to implement, manage, or operate.

This is the genius behind Entuity’s network monitoring software. And, to be frank, it’s a primary reason Park Place Technologies is integrating this company and their powerful solutions into our offerings, alongside our innovative ParkView network management as a service.

Entuity Customization Features

Entuity Network Analytics empowers organizations to discover, visualize, monitor, scale, and repair their networks like never before. As a more seamless application than the modular alternatives on the market, Entuity is a streamlined tool for easier and more effective network management.

Beyond a great feature set, much of the power behind ENA derives from the customizability built into the system. Its developers recognized that each network team wants to view their data differently, so they augmented out-of-the-box dynamic dashboards with fully customizable ones. That way network managers can determine which data they want to see and where and how they want to see it.

Complete control over the display of network data extends to role-based access controls. Enterprise IT pros can set user and client privileges as they see fit. And then each user can adapt the presentation of that data to suit their particular way of working. And all of this happens securely in the NOC, on laptops, and of course, with mobile.

How MSPs Can Use Entuity Network Analytics

Entuity excels in single-company network management but it can also expand to fulfill the needs of managed services providers. Specifically, MSPs can oversee the networks of each of their clients individually, with customized dashboards presenting client-specific detail segmented by client.

This capability facilitates personalized network management and SLA achievement for each client, with far less time and effort than required under traditional network monitoring models. Entuity also enables MSPs to automate dynamic reporting with the specific insights their clients want to see (like our network flow analysis), a key differentiator in this highly competitive market space.

Easier Maintenance with Park Place and Entuity

Entuity’s customization capabilities help cut down on information overload by eliminating data that is extraneous to each team member’s job function and organizing the remaining details so that the most important information pops. There’s no more digging through screen after screen of data or weeding through endless alerts that amount to nothing. Entuity’s network patch monitoring makes it simple to spot the actionable information immediately.

The end result is one dynamic dashboard doing the work of hundreds of traditional, usually static ones. What used to take days takes minutes in ENA, which translates into greater productivity and cost-savings within network operations.

Entuity is powerful on its own but the impacts multiply when combined with Park Place’s network support services. With our customizable service levels, clients can rest assured that expert engineering assistance is on the way as soon as they need it, and break/fix becomes one less thing for internal staff to worry about.

Intelligent network monitoring is inherently customized network monitoring. If you want to know more about how the Entuity Network Analytics solution can be tailored to your needs, bring clarity and focus to network management, and help drive more accurate, timely, data-driven decisions, don’t wait. Contact us for a demo and a discussion with one of our network management experts.

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Case Allin, Senior Director of Sales, ParkView & Entuity