Park Place Technologies sees three consecutive years of meteoric growth

April 02, 2012

CLEVELAND, April 2, 2012 — Park Place Technologies has cemented its place as a leading data center service provider, experiencing an average annual revenue growth of more than 20 percent during the past three years.

In 2009, the company’s revenues climbed more than 15.8 percent as the economy began pushing businesses to consider more efficient ways to manage and maintain their data center resources. During 2010, the trend expanded, bringing even more growth to Park Place Technologies, which saw revenues climb by 28.2 percent. The past year brought revenue expansion of 22.1 percent to the organization.

While Park Place Technologies is extremely excited about the new revenue opportunities in the market, it is just as interested in the reasons why the industry is heating up. As the economy began its slow recovery in 2009 and 2010, more organizations recognized that they needed to operate with greater fiscal responsibility, and moved to outsource their data center operations to third-party providers.

As this market segment rose, the need for data center hardware maintenance, design and construction consulting and migration assistance has become much more vital to the sector. Park Place Technologies has positioned itself to capitalize on this trend by offering an innovative and expansive service catalog that allows customers to leverage the best resources possible when managing their data center infrastructure.

This drive for innovation has led to major investments in Park Place Technologies services, especially from prominent customers across North America. Major customer acquisitions and partnerships have not been the only source of growth for Park Place Technologies. “Our expanded service catalog and ability to streamline aspects of data center management have led to organic growth while also allowing us as a service provider to maintain close relationships with our customers.” remarked Ed Kenty, President and Chief Executive Officer at Park Place Technologies.

The trend of organic growth has left the organization on the cusp of even greater expansion in 2012. Currently, Park Place Technologies is witnessing rapid expansion within the United States, but is also developing service models for international markets, putting it in position to expand substantially in the near future.

Fueled by a service platform that offers customers more responsiveness than OEM manufacturers and an ever-expanding product development initiative, Park Place Technologies is poised to continue its growth moving forward.

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Eric Richardson, Marketing Operations Lead