SDN monitoring tools

SDN Monitoring

Entuity provides support for both Cisco ACI and
VMware NSX SDN network monitoring

Cisco ACI Monitoring

Cisco’s ACI (Application Centric Infrastructure) has been developed to simplify and ease the transition to software-defined networking (SDN) to meet demands for agile methodologies such as DevOps. Entuity matches this demand with comprehensive support for Cisco ACI that extends network management beyond SNMP to include tenants, pods, application profiles and endpoint groups, etc.

Entuity monitors the Cisco Nexus 9000 Series Switches on which the APIC (Application Policy Infrastructure Controller) operates. We can take the APIC under management, show you how it’s configured, and alert you to issues that arise on it. Correlating data on the Nexus switches and the APIC itself, our SDN monitoring tools give you comprehensive visibility into the running of your APIC and Nexus kit.

SDN Network Monitoring as Part of Your Wider Infrastructure

  • Discover Cisco ACI deployments controlled by the APIC

    Once you have taken the Cisco APIC under management, Entuity will immediately detect any new Cisco ACI deployments controlled by that APIC and then begin monitoring them. Extend your network whenever and wherever you want, and Entuity SDN tools will keep an eye on it for you.

  • Measure 10 metrics from the APIC

    Gain insight into every part of the Cisco APIC, which is the central component of the ACI. Entuity measures the following metrics, covering all aspects of the APIC model:

    • APIC CPU Utilization %
    • APIC Memory Utilization %
    • Endpoint Group Health
    • Fabric Node Health
    • Fan Tray Health
    • Line Card Health
    • Pod Health
    • Power Supply Health
    • Supervisor Card Health
    • Tenant Health
  • Maintain the health of your Cisco APIC

    For all metrics (except APIC CPU and APIC Memory), APIC health is measured as a percentage.

    • 100% = healthy.
    • 0% = unhealthy.

    Cisco advises that if health drops below 90%, then there is a problem. Therefore, ENA sets 90% as the default health threshold. When a metric’s health drops below 90%, ENA generates an event on that metric.

    For the APIC CPU and APIC Memory metrics, Entuity uses a percentage based on usage:

    • 100% usage = unhealthy.