GigaOm Recognizes Exceptional Large Enterprise Performance of Park Place Technologies’ Entuity Software

July 19, 2022

CLEVELAND, OH, July 19, 2022 – Park Place Technologies was featured in the most recent GigaOm Network Observability Radar Report, its first such recognition from GigaOm. Named in the report as a “leader” and “fast mover” for their Entuity Software™ product, this recognition showcases Park Place Technologies’ continued innovation and focus on the evolving landscape of customer needs in the IT space.

GigaOm network observability radar

This acknowledgment from GigaOm comes on the heels of another key industry recognition from G2, which named Entuity as a “Spring Leader” and “High Performer” in their 2022 Network Management Software reporting.

“This esteemed GigaOm recognition, paired with our G2 status, is a one-two punch, leveraging the power of the analyst and our customer community to showcase the efficacy of this highly scalable software,” said David Cramer, President of the Park Place Technologies Software, Managed and Professional Services Strategic Business Unit. “With Entuity, we’re offering a best-in-class network performance, monitoring solution that is clearly recognized as a leader in the market.”

The continued evolution of the product and the recent release of Entuity V20.0 in April 2022, has driven the rise of the software to its market-leading status for its event and configuration management systems, which were specifically noted as “strengths” by GigaOm in the Network Observability report.

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