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Cisco Meraki Support and Maintenance

Save 30-40% on Meraki network support.

World-Class Meraki Maintenance

With Park Place Technologies, you can maintain your Cisco Meraki equipment past its warranty or end of service life and get direct access to our technical support.

  • Cost Savings: Enjoy up to 30-40% savings compared to standard Cisco Meraki Support.
  • Full Hardware Support: 24/7 coverage for MS switches, MR wireless devices, and MX appliances.
  • Minimal Downtime: Keep your operations running smoothly with minimal disruption in case of hardware failures with Park Place global support for Meraki.
  • Contract Flexibility: All agreements are extremely flexible and carry a 60-day cancellation policy.
  • Extended Support: Park Place can provide Day 1 support through well past Meraki’s Last Date of Support

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Supported Meraki Network Devices

Park Place Technologies can help keep your Cisco Meraki equipment running past its initial warranty. Expand the section below to see a full list of supported Cisco Meraki Devices:
  • Meraki MR

    MR Series End of Sale End of Support
    MR12 Series 10/24/2015 10/24/2022
    MR16 Series 5/31/2014 5/31/2021
    MR18 Series 2/13/2017 3/31/2024
    MR20 Series 6/1/2023 6/13/2028
    MR24 Series 5/31/2014 5/31/2021
    MR26 Series 5/9/2016 5/9/2023
    MR28 Series
    MR30H Series 5/31/2022 6/26/2027
    MR32 Series 4/30/2017 7/31/2024
    MR33 Series 6/14/2022 6/21/2026
    MR34 Series 10/31/2016 10/31/2023
    MR36 Series
    MR36H Series
    MR42 Series 6/14/2022 6/21/2026
    MR42E Series 4/22/2014 6/21/2026
    MR44 Series
    MR45 Series 7/21/2021 7/21/2026
    MR46 Series
    MR46E Series
    MR52 Series 4/7/2022 8/1/2026
    MR53 Series 5/7/2021 7/21/2026
    MR53E Series 4/7/2022 8/1/2026
    MR55 Series 4/7/2022 8/1/2028
    MR56 Series
    MR57 Series
    MR66 Series
    MR70 Series 2/19/2024 2/19/2029
    MR72 Series 3/27/2017 4/30/2024
    MR74 Series
    MR76 Series
    MR78 Series
    MR84 Series
    MR86 Series

  • Meraki MS

    MS Series End of Sale End of Support
    MS120 Series 5/28/2025 3/28/2030
    MS125 Series 5/28/2025 3/28/2030
    MS130 Series
    M200 Series
    MS210 Series
    MS220 Series 7/29/2017 7/29/2024
    MS225 Series
    MS250 Series
    MS320 Series 3/31/2017 3/31/2024
    MS350 Series
    MS355 Series
    MS390* Series 5/28/2025 3/28/2030
    MS410 Series 9/28/2024 9/28/2029
    MS42 Series 4/26/2014 4/26/2021
    MS420 Series 10/31/2016 10/31/2023
    MS425 Series 9/28/2024 9/28/2029
    MS450 Series
    MS22 Series 4/26/2014 4/26/2021

  • Meraki MX

    MX Series End of Sale End of Support
    MX100 Series
    MX105 Series
    MX250 Series
    MX400 Series
    MX450 Series
    MX60 Series 10/25/2015 10/24/2022
    MX60W Series 10/24/2022
    MX64 Series 10/24/2015 10/24/2022
    MX64W Series 10/24/2015 10/24/2022
    MX65 Series 10/24/2015 10/24/2022
    MX65W Series
    MX67 Series
    MX67C Series
    MX67W Series
    MX68 Series
    MX68CW Series
    MX68W Series
    MX75 Series
    MX80 Series 8/30/2016 8/30/2023
    MX84 Series 10/31/2021 10/31/2026
    MX85 Series
    MX90 Series 4/26/2014 4/26/2021
    MX95 Series


woman providing PowerMax maintenance support over headset

Automated Event Management

Receives service information (error code, part number, device location) from the machine’s hardware layer, and performs predictive analysis to determine cause of failure.

  • This information is processed and filtered into meaningful, “Service Required” tickets. These automatically generated tickets then initiate the preparation and dispatch of a field engineer.
  • This approach results in more first-time fixes.

Park Place’s monitoring solution is a hardware-layer monitoring tool only, and as such, has no access to customer data.

IBM Netezza third party maintenance

Microcode Change Level Updates

  • Our Advanced Engineering Team will order MCL (Microcode Change Level) updates on your behalf from IBM TSMO (Technical Service Management Office).
  • We receive your updates in a physical format and work with you to schedule an available time to dispatch a field engineer for instillation.
mobile phone screen used to support data domain systems

A Portal in Your Pocket

The first of its kind in the TPM category, PPTechMobile affords the self-service convenience of our customer portal (Central Park) on your mobile devices.


  • Submit, edit and view incidents
  • Access all contracted assets
  • Monitor escalation processes
  • In order to use PPTechMobile, customers will first need to register for Central Park.
  • Learn more about PPTechMobile.

Engineer Expertise

We employ a robust team of field service and advanced L3 engineers that hold an average of 15+ years of direct OEM experience with all sorts of server, storage, and networking hardware. Our engineering teams live in cities around the world and can be on-site at your facility within 4 hours. That’s professional post-warranty IBM zSeries support wherever your data center hardware is located, whenever you need it.
  • 600+
    Global Professionals
  • 15+
    Years Average Experience
  • 150K+
    Service Calls in 2021
Park Place Technologies Service Locations Map
Cloud Migration Support with Park Place Technologies
Migrate and modernize your applications with Park Place. Partnering with us gives you access to the capabilities, expertise, and tools needed to get the job done - all while saving on your OS and legacy hardware support compared to the OEM. Have peace of mind knowing you will be covered if something goes wrong at any time during the modernization process.

Example Migration Timeline

Cloud migration strategies can be complex and take years to complete. With Park Place supporting your OS and legacy hardware, you can focus on the priorities at hand.

Central Park Customer Portal

View all your assets and solve any issue with improved response times and greater efficiency. Central Park provides a single pane of glass that allows you to:
  • Get real-time visibility for all events
  • Submit a ticket
  • View all active Park Place contracts
  • View open/closed tickets
  • View all assets under contract (active or inactive)
  • Add equipment
  • Add, update, enable, and disable technical contacts per location