Park Place Technologies lefthand support services gaining prominence

August 20, 2012

CLEVELAND, August 20, 2012 — HP support for many LeftHand storage systems is about to conclude. Warranties that began four years ago, when HP acquired LeftHand, will soon expire, making third-party hardware maintenance services essential for companies looking to extend the life of these storage solutions. As one of the few data center hardware maintenance vendors providing HP support alternative plans that include LeftHand storage platforms, Park Place Technologies is capable of offering these important services.

Prior to 2008, LeftHand storage arrays had gained considerable popularity in small to medium-sized businesses, as well as branch offices, as they provided an ideal entry- and mid-level storage solution. When HP acquired LeftHand, it took the systems in a new direction. Four years later, those initial warranties are running out and HP is beginning to shift ongoing maintenance efforts to channel partners. This is creating an environment in which IT managers must develop new support strategies.

LeftHand devices often play an integral role in data operations for organizations that use them. These systems may include either SAS or SSD architectures and contain anywhere from eight to 70 drives depending on the model. Many LeftHand users have tailored their arrays to their company’s specific needs and cannot afford to transition to new solutions just because HP is no longer providing support. Park Place Technologies is capable of resolving this problem through services that include:

  • Technical Support
  • Remote Fault Monitoring and Notification
  • Hardware Replacement
  • Operating System Support
  • Configuration Assistance, Support and Consultation

These services are available for a diverse range of HP LeftHand storage system models, including:

  • NSM 160, 2120, 4150
  • P4300 SAN Solution
  • P4500 SAN Solution
  • P4800 SAN BladeSystem
  • P4900 SSD Storage System

HP LeftHand storage systems play a critical role in operations for a number of organizations. HP’s shift in policy has left many wondering how to cost effectively maintain operations without significant risks due to lack of support options. Place Technologies has stepped forward as one of the few service providers capable of offering LeftHand support alternatives, helping businesses make the transition from an HP warranty into a solution that will provide long-term support for their storage systems.

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Eric Richardson, Marketing Operations Lead