Is Your Post-Warranty EMC VMAX Storage Equipment Covered?

Park Place Hardware Maintenance

Ryan Platten December 10, 2014

Park Place Technologies has developed EMC storage maintenance and support for the following EMC VMAX storage product line:

Since its release in April 2009, customers continue to leverage the EMC VMAX cloud, hyper-consolidation, and software-defined storage capabilities, resulting in continued growth of the VMAX line. Furthermore, the EMC VMAX product line’s reputation for stability and reliability, along with data center managers’ desire for a cost-effective and reliable maintenance solution for the longer run, make Park Place Technologies an excellent alternative to refreshing hardware or contracting continued service from the OEM.

“EMC VMAX storage devices have reached a point in their lifecycle where Park Place Technologies can offer their renowned EMC maintenance and support that give customers much better control over their storage maintenance costs”, says Paul Mercina, Park Place Technologies Director of Product Management.

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