End of Life for EMC Isilon “NL” Products

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Parker July 26, 2017

Halloween EOSL date set for EMC equipment


Don’t be scared, but Halloween 2017 is the end-of-support-life / end-of-service-life date for the following models in the EMC Isilon line:

  • Isilon 108NL
  • Isilon 36NL
  • Isilon 72NL

The EMC Isilon IQ3600x, the 3.45PB NAS array, and IQ7200x join these NL model numbers in reaching EOSL on October 31, 2017. Although this means that the new Dell-EMC conglomerate will be eliminating all maintenance contracts on this equipment, there are options for customers wishing to keep these filers in service. That’s a good thing considering the original Isilon 108NL list price of $123,500 per node.

Third Party Maintenance for EMC Hardware

Park Place Technologies offers contracts on a variety of post-warranty and end-of-life equipment from Dell EMC, including the Isilon series. These include customizable service levels befitting mission critical appliances to those used for archival purposes and non-production roles.

There are many advantages of selecting a third party maintenance partner to back this equipment:

  • Continued, seamless access to spare parts, along with on-site assistance. We even boast a lower DOA rate for components than Dell and EMC!
  • EMC-quality engineering expertise that is more accessible than ever with our immediate escalation to Level 3 guarantee. That means faster, easier support calls every time.
  • Extended hardware lifespan without increased operational risk, plus reduction in expenditures on premature upgrades and associated staff time related to data migration.

There’s really nothing that matches the peace of mind customers get by knowing that a high-quality, global support enterprise is still standing behind its Isilon equipment. That such support is available for about 60% less than Dell EMC charges—well, that’s the icing on the proverbial cake. To find out how much icing we’re talking about, contact us for a free quote.


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