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Drew Teller Published: October 17, 2012

Determine your HP Care Pack lookup by serial number for your warranty status but there are easier ways to track all of your equipment.

We Know HP Care Pack Serial Number Lookup Is Painful –  We Hear it All of the Time

When we are working with customers, the one thing that makes them sigh every time is when we ask if they have a list of equipment and if they know when the equipment comes up for renewal. Because equipment is purchased at different periods, the answer usually is (after a pause) “the contract renewal dates are all over the place.” We can feel their anxiety because of the fear that some of the equipment has fallen off support without them knowing and for the dread of having to put a list together. Sound familiar?

How do you solve this problem? Well, you can always go to HP’s website, try to navigate through it and probably quit part way through out of frustration.

Alternatively, you can find a great third party data center hardware maintenance that will take the pains away and make support as simple as possible. In fact, if you send us your HP serial numbers, we’ll do the work of determining your Care Pack status for you and report it back at no charge. We also provide a network support contract analyzer called the ClearView™ Assessment. Within two days of receiving a network asset list from your team, we provide an impartial recommendation on the optimal mix of support including:

  • The devices that should stay on manufacturer support
  • Those that we recommended moving to Park Place Hardware Maintenance™
  • Equipment that is a good match for NetSure+ – our service that combines of third-party support with our global logistics expertise

Park Place Is the Solution For You

One of the features of our support is our customer portal which makes your life easy. You can track all of your equipment and warranty status in one place. That’s right, all of your servers, storage and network hardware support from a single source. We even allow you to track assets that are not on contract with us. In fact, you don’t even have to have any equipment on contract with us. Just request login credentials and we’ll allow you to use the portal.

We’ve been told by multiple customers that they no longer dread having to track assets because they know where to go to get all of the necessary information. The support we provide is the added bonus.

Want to see a demo area of the portal?  Send us an email and we’ll provide you with the credentials.

We aren’t your support provider. We are your network, storage and server support partner!

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