Maximize ROI on Dell EMC VMAX3 Arrays with Third Party Maintenance

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Chris Adams February 28, 2019

Is it time to switch support provider for Dell EMC VMAX3 All Flash arrays? Talking TCO—total cost of ownership—it definitely makes sense to bring VMAX3 All Flash storage systems into a third party maintenance arrangement right away. Figuring out TCO can be complex and there are many factors to take into account, such as energy efficiency. At this point in the VMAX3 lifecycle, however, TCO is largely driven by support costs and hardware lifespan. Amortize the hundreds of thousands of dollars invested in a VMAX3 All Flash system over more time, and pay less for each year of service life, and you’re in high-ROI territory. Do it while increasing uptime and you’re closing in on rock star status. Here’s how to get there.

Save Half Off VMAX3 Support

The cost side of the equation is easy to sort out. Park Place Technologies guarantees to slash VMAX3 All Flash support costs in half with our EMC third party maintenance, compared to an existing Dell EMC contract. We also help clients trim the budget in other ways. For example, customers can set service levels for each piece of equipment in a granular manner, and we don’t lock you in. Our clients can manage and change contract details in an ongoing manner, and it’s simple when using our online portal. Switch service levels as equipment is repurposed, and delete coverage on hardware as soon as it heads out for recycling. That way, you’re never paying for unused support.

Extend Lifespan and Performance

Many customers recognize the importance of third party maintenance for EOSL hardware (equipment that has reached end-of-support-life). At that point, the OEM won’t extend further contract coverage, and IT managers who want to keep the gear must look elsewhere for support. Post-EOSL support helps clients squeeze extra years out of systems once they’ve been fully paid for—so it’s kind of like finding free money. The sheer ability to extend lifespan doesn’t matter much, however, unless the organization already has full faith in the equipment and is experiencing high availability and exceptional performance. This is where Park Place Technologies can deliver added value, long before EOSL—by making the VMAX3 All Flash a reliable contributor to business IT demands. We do this in many ways:

  • Proactive storage maintenance to take care of all the standard tasks, which can all too easily be sidelined by various crises. Routine maintenance is essential in achieving maximum lifespan and Park Place makes sure it happens.
  • High-level engineering assistance from a worldwide team averaging 15+ years of hands-on experience and extensive VMAX expertise. Our talented engineers spearhead the best troubleshooting and break/fix in the market.
  • More uptime with our AI-driven ParkView data center monitoring services; rapid-response, Level III-only engineering support; and over 160 stocking depots worldwide. The combination means immediate problem identification, automated trouble tickets, prompt issue resolution, and first-time fix rates that beat the OEMs.
  • Strategic upgrades based on our extensive spares inventory, providing additional capacity or performance at a substantial cost-savings over new equipment.

If you’ve invested in the VMAX3, you want to see it last. Park Place Technologies can help ensure you get all the ROI possible from these systems. Contact us to find out just how affordable a high-performing, lifespan-extending support contract can be.

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