OEMs cut staff in Europe, but we’re just getting started

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Simon Bitton January 13, 2021

Technology conversations revolve around innovation, efficiency, and staying as many steps ahead of the future as possible. But underneath the jargon and excitement of IT progress lies a constant investment …in  people.

It’s the human minds and human hands that keep technology running. Even the most sophisticated machines can’t perform their own maintenance … at least, not yet!

When you understand that people are technology’s greatest resource, you are rightfully concerned when you hear that some of the biggest tech firms are cutting back on their human investment. When you read that an IBM is cutting 10,000 jobs or a NetApp is cutting its workforce, with the job cuts being in Europe, you are right to think about what it may mean to the IT and tech industries … and your IT data centre.

Questions you may be asking yourself in light of this news; Are you getting the IT support you need for your hardware? What will continuing cutbacks in staff and resources mean for your data centre hardware? Will you remain in front of the innovation curve, or be left behind it? Will global resources matter if they aren’t applied to your local data centre? Will the people caring for your most critical IT needs have the help, resources and peace of mind they need to address your emergencies when you need them most?

While the news of these divestments can be concerning to IT infrastructure leaders, you should be comforted to learn that Park Place Technologies is actively investing in our European operations to better serve companies like yours:

  • In 2016 we opened our EMEA Headquarters in London, UK and in 2018 opened our EMEA Operations Centre in Cork, Ireland. We have offices and stocking locations throughout mainland Europe
  • Regardless of your SLA, a ticket for service in Europe may be opened with the Park Place Support Centre at any time. The Park Place Support Centre operates 7 days a week, 24 hours a day, 365 days a year, including all holidays.
  • Our 24/7 follow-the-sun support model, customer portal and PPTechMobile mobile app ensure that we’re always a call, click or a chat away
  • ParkView Hardware Monitoring™ automates the maintenance process, resulting in faster fixes (31% faster mean time to repair, 97% first-time fix rate) and less unscheduled downtime. And that means more time for you to devote to other important initiatives.

In other words, while some OEMs are pulling back in Europe, we’re just getting started.

Our investment in Europe provides increasing access to Discover, Monitor, Support, Optimize (DMSO), a fully integrated approach to managing critical infrastructure. In 2020, Park Place innovators introduced and developed DMSO in response to customers’ needs to maximize uptime, create cost efficiencies, enable greater infrastructure control and visibility, and enhance asset performance.

Our strategic expansion throughout Europe means you and your critical IT infrastructure will remain in the most experienced, innovative and customer-focused hands in the industry.

Human hands.

There’s never been a better time to consider switching your post-warranty maintenance contracts to Park Place. Click here to get started.

About the Author

Simon Bitton, Sr. Director, Marketing, EMEA & APAC
Simon is responsible for driving the full mix of multi-channel marketing activities, sales and operations support on behalf of Park Place Technologies in Europe & Asia, working with customers and channel partners on supplier management, new business development and market research. He brings 15+ years of deep experience to his position, honed over the course of his work in a variety of service sector roles.